Treatment Options

The treatment choices available to patients do not always represent the very best solution to the medical condition. Treatment Options was developed to provide patients with additional expertise, as needed., by providing medical consultation with accepted experts in the patient's specific disease or condition. Treatment Options provides medical consultation and advocacy for the patient.

Our Specialty

CAPCO and its wholly owned subsidiary Treatment Options, provide medical advocacy and consulting services for corporate and individual clients. Services which are not included in Provincial Health Plans are made available through our pre-paid programs.


CAPCO Health Group : To develop innovative health and related insurance products for the Canadian market which respond to a diagnosis of a serious accident or illness which impairs the activities of daily living. To extend the offering of these products to potential clients worldwide.

Treatment Options : To provide a pro-active medical consulting and advocacy program which ensures the most advantageous use of medical services for those patients who are diagnosed with a serious illness or incur a serious accident.

The Product

TREATMENT OPTIONS, is designed to provide independent analysis and recommendations from specialists in Canada and the U.S.A. when a patient has serious medical problems. The medical advocacy and consulting service works as follows:

Upon the diagnosis of a serious medical condition, an advocacy team is set up on behalf of the client. The team, working with specialists in Canada or the U.S.,

  • reviews the client's diagnosis and initial recommended treatment, and
  • provides direct communication with the medical experts; and
  • provides a report outlining the specific condition, options for treatment and the resultant risks,the best course(s) of action, and the appropriate facilities.

If treatment is required in the United States, Treatment Options usually can arrange for discounts on the client's bills.

Treatment Options is offered as a stand-alone benefit to be bundled with existing health insurance (Critical Illness, Long Term Care and Emergency Out of Country Medical Insurance).


CAPCO Health Group's products represent an outstanding business opportunity for our partners due to :

  • the real or perceived problems in accessing quality within Canadian medical care;
  • media stories on delays for surgery, brain drains to the U.S., lack of medical research, procedures not available, etc.
  • increasing market demand for quality health care choices from an aging population;
  • the desire by the private sector to lower disability costs and to improve productivity by expediting an employee's return to work; the opportunity for U.S. market expansion.