Platinum Plan

The Ultimate in Complete Protection

The Platinum Plan option is the complete international protection program. It offers enhanced and additional benefits, access to a dedicated service team ready to assist you, and access to our exclusive Global Concierge and Assistance Services.

Comprehensive Major Medical Plan

The Platinum Plan option offers higher benefit maximums and additional coverages – Lifetime Maximum of $8,000,000, Transplants up to $2,000,000, as well as increased benefits for Hospital Room & Board, Return of Mortal Remains, Supplemental Accident, Mental & Nervous and Adult & Child Wellness. The plan also includes benefits for Remote Transportation, Political Evacuation & Repatriation and High School Sports Injuries.

One Plan with Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits

In addition to the medical benefits, the Platinum plan option includes a dental plan with coverage for Class I Diagnostic & Preventive Services, Class II Basic Services and Class III Major Services. It also includes a vision benefit that provides coverage for exams and materials.

Remote Transportation Benefit

If you experience a medical problem that is not immediately life-threatening, but severe enough to result in death or permanent disability if not treated right away, Remote Transportation will provide for eligible charges arising out of the transportation for you to a qualified facility for further treatment.

Political Evacuation and Repatriation Benefit

In the event the U.S. Department of State issues an evacuation order of the host country, IMG will coordinate the evacuation of any covered insured(s) to the nearest place of safety or repatriation to the insured’s home country of residence.

Mental & Nervous and Maternity Coverage

Expenses associated with these conditions are covered the same as any illness.

High School Sports Injury Benefit

Protection is available for your children while participating in sanctioned, organized sports at the high school level or below.

Consultation for care and advice

The Platinum plan option offers you direct access to a medical information service which allows you to communicate with licensed physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dieticians and fitness trainers. They are available to assist you with routine health related questions 24 hours a day.

Global Concierge and Assistance Services

The Platinum plan option provides you with more than insurance protection – you also have exclusive access to a list of additional services handled by a dedicated service team available 24/7. (Please refer to the Description of Additional Platinum Services for an extensive list.)